Malherbe’s Directors

The management of the Malherbe Group is organised according to different types of decision-making processes, each observing the common themes of global transparency, information sharing and ethics. Malherbe’s directors put into action, on a daily basis, a strategy of fast reactivity in its operational and strategic decision-making processes, principally due to its pragmatism and excellent communication.

The board of Directors

The board of directors manages and directs the Malherbe Group. Comprising of three directors, the members of the board are the representatives of Malherbe’s true desire to maintain open channels of communication between the senior management and the different teams within the company, achieving this by creating a reduced hierarchical structure.

Alain Samson

Alain Samson President/C.E.O.

Alain Samson has followed the development of the company for more than 30 years. He has been president since 1996, and purchased the company in 2001, the company having experienced significant growth under his direction. Alain Samson manages the company’s external growth strategy, as well as the company’s overall strategy, together with the other members of the board of directors and the company’s financial partners.

Noël Samson

Noël Samson General Manager

Noël Samson, Malherbe’s General Manager for the past 20 years, is responsible for operations. He manages all the different departments within the group, from the organisation of transport to the rental of vehicles, as well as managing the company’s fleet and the logistics operations. He also assures the implementation of all procedures and regulations and is responsible for managing the company’s operational budget.

Georges Gangand, Malherbe

Georges Gangand Company Secretary

As Malherbe Company Secretary since 2014, Georges Gangand coordinates the group’s various projects. He is responsible for assuring the company’s financial stability, while at the same time overseeing the group’s various administrational and support services. Georges has been involved in company law and administration, as well as company development, mergers & acquisitions and LBOs (Leveraged buy-outs) for over 20 years.

The General Council

The General Council’s mission is to advise the board of directors. It is also empowered to produce recommendations regarding Malherbe’s strategic decision-making process. The council meets every quarter and is composed of representatives of the group’s shareholders, as well as external monitors.