Transport of general merchandise

Malherbe takes care of the transport of your goods from as little as one pallet, up to 33 pallets, from partial loads to complete loads and also the grouping of goods, in France and internationally, from collection through to delivery.

  • General goods and hazardous materials.
  • Boxed or loose goods, finished or part finished.
  • Temperature-controlled products from -25°C to +15°C.
conducteurs Malherbe

Exemplary operations

Malherbe has dedicated professional teams who are trained in your specific products and markets. Using high performance solutions, their commitment and professionalism guarantee the continued quality of our service 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

Traçabilité des marchandises

Traceability of goods

The traceability of your products is guaranteed thanks to our high performance tracking tools (using geo-localisation, temperature monitoring, etc.), allowing us to make information available to you at any time and in any place. We offer a safe, high quality and value-for-money service.

Respect des délais

Perfect time management

The respect and optimisation of delivery times guarantees you fast, on-time deliveries and even when your deadlines are tight. The speed at which operational decisions are made also greatly facilitates urgent or priority deliveries.

risques transport et logisitique

Forecasting and risk management

By respecting all quality and safety certification processes, we are able to make a strong commitment to both the environment and to excellence in management. Our high quality of service is also assured by constant forecasting, risk assessments and our careful attention to detail when handling your goods, taking into account important factors such as the safe and hygienic handling of perishables or temperature-controlled goods, the checking of product purity and safety when loading or unloading the goods.

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