Malherbe assures the daily distribution of your goods from 3 to 10 pallets  in France and Great Britain. We offer complete solutions, taking into account all of your delivery and service requirements, from the moment of loading through to delivery, including:

  • Standard delivery times of 24 or 48 hours and management of your commitments (arranging of appointments, on-site deliveries, deliveries on fixed days and at fixed times, etc.).
  • Regional collection and regrouping of trailer loads for faster shuttle delivery services.
  • Technical capabilities: Articulated vehicles, 19 ton retractable tail loaders or 10 ton folding tail loaders, capable of carrying 21( 80 X 20) pallets, using daily rail-road transportation links.
  • Regional distribution centres in the Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne, Normandie, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, Île-de-France, Nord, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Great Britain.
opérations de transport

A network of easy-to-access agencies and support teams

A large territorial network of agencies located in all of the country’s most dynamic economic regions allows us to offer you both true proximity and also made-to-measure services. We offer daily shuttle services between France and the U.K., taking advantage of our specially negotiated ferry rates from all of the principal ports in Normandy and the North of France.

Transport Malherbe

Specially adapted vehicle fleet

Our vehicles are specifically adapted to meet your loading and distribution requirements.

Traçabilité des marchandises

Traceability of shipments

Through the managed shipping of your goods, as well as the use of sophisticated IT systems and tracking software, we can guarantee the provision of accurate, up-to-the-minute tracking and statistical data, including Proof of Delivery, quality control indicators, incident reporting and shipment processing.

optimisation de vos plans de transport

Transportation Optimisation

We can also manage your flows above 3 tonnes or 6 pallets through close collaboration with our highly skilled partners. We can provide flexible, customised solutions that are specifically adapted to your company’s particular constraints and volumes, as well as your clients’ demands, by offering complete analysis organised by consignee type.

risques transport et logisitique

Performance statistics indicators

Daily performance tracking by our operations management team guarantees that your commitments to your clients are respected. Regular reporting and key indicators analysis (litigation, punctuality and economic indicators), as well as suggested service action plans assure your continued competitiveness.

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