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Our commitment to our clients

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Malherbe’s management structure is focussed on it’s operational, managerial and support processes. These processes define the way the group, as a whole, is directed; by voluntarily integrating both social and environmental concerns of sustainable growth, as well as quality control, safety and hygiene into the group’s processes and procedures.

Both the group’s directors and the Quality, Safety & Environmental service (QSE) are actively involved, on a day-to-day basis, in the improvement of identified weaknesses, while at the same time training and activating all of the group’s staff in respect of the group’s Social Responsibility Policy (SRP).

Quality and Safety are our responsibility

Motivated by the key principles of exemplary behaviour and excellence, Malherbe’s structuring is focussed entirely on achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Every day the group’s teams unite their skills and their tracking tools in order to offer you a quality of service that matches your performance, while strictly adhering to your desires. All of our operational processes take into account the management of the potential risks associated with the transport of your goods.

Our high-tech IT solutions allow us to track both our vehicles and the delivery of your goods in real time, in order to guarantee the safety of both the drivers and the goods being transported. As true ambassadors, our drivers receive specific and on-going training throughout their careers in both quality and safety procedures. The safety of our infrastructure and our data also occupy a key place in the provision and guarantee of our high quality international transport and logistics services.

Our commitment to the environment

As a signatory to the “Objective CO2“ charter since April 2010, Malherbe Group has renewed its voluntary commitment to the environment by entering into a partnership with the Agency for Environmental and Energy Management (ADEME), Regional Environmental, Development and Housing Directorate (DREAL), and the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

After achieving a 9.6 % reduction in carbon dioxide emissions during the first cycle, Malherbe Group made another commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions by a further 5 % (at least) over the following three years, and to achieve this by analysing four key factors: its fleet of vehicles, its fuels, its drivers and its flows.

feuille-emission9,6 % reduction in CO2 emissions
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Our four key factors:
  • Our vehicles

    In order to respect European environmental standards for the emission of atmospheric pollutants (Euro 5, Euro 5 EEV and Euro 6), Malherbe renews its fleet every three years. The group also carries out preventative tire pressure checks on a regular basis.

  • Our fuels

    Using the on-board computer systems installed in all our vehicles, as well as regular reporting, Malherbe is able to monitor its fleet live and at a distance. This instant reactivity enables us, together with the drivers, to manage and adjust, where necessary, our transport operations.

  • Our drivers

    Malherbe’s management structure takes the training of its drivers in responsible driving very seriously throughout their careers, and particularly where it concerns safety and the environment. Reports on the drivers are regularly produced and their behaviour and driving habits are analysed.

  • Our flows

    The primary factor taken into consideration in improving the environmental impact of the delivery of the flows generated by Malherbe is the optimisation of loading. In this respect, the group is tending more and more to orientate its activities in the direction of rail-road solutions.

ISO 9001 Certification of the Quality Management System:

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QualimatQualimat Certification of the Caen (Logisco) and Bordeaux agencies:

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Objectif CO2The « CO2 Objective » Charter and Malherbe’s voluntary commitment:

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Certipharm certification for health products transport:

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SQAS certification for hazardous materials transport:

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