secteur transport et logistique


The key to Malherbe’s performance is its knowledge of developments within each individual market and the logistical imperatives of your sector, thereby enabling the group to deliver you a relevant and efficient proposition. With each area of activity requiring such specific knowledge, the Malherbe Group puts into action all of its very varied expertise in order to achieve your objectives, while, at the same time, respecting your underlying operational strategy, as well as the challenges of each sector of industry, such as:

  • The physical and budgetary limitations of each client.
  • The technical limitations of the type of activity.
  • Fluctuations in world markets.
  • Existing and anticipated French and European legislation.
  • Operational and social risks.
  • Quality control, hygiene, safety and the environment.
  • Food, drink and large-scale distribution
  • The pharmaceutical Industry
  • Metallurgy and siderurgy
  • The environment
  • Specialised Distribution
  • Packaging
  • The construction industry & Public works
  • The chemical industry
  • The petrochemical industry
  • The hydrocarbon industry
  • Manufactured Products
  • Energy