The Malherbe network

30 regional agencies

Malherbe has around thirty agencies distributed throughout France, each of which shares the same values, practices and fundamental procedures of the group. This regional proximity enables our clients to be able to benefit from personalised attention and advice from our staff, all of whom are available and ready to listen to every request.

Our sales and technical teams are always out in the field, working together with our clients to put all of Malherbe’s know-how into action to satisfy your demands, while always exercising precision, pragmatism and reactivity to provide a well-adapted service:

  • Evaluation of your needs, limitations and any risks.
  • Awareness of and pertinent advice relating to your projects.
  • Technical and operational management of your transportation operations.
  • Live, up-to-the-minute information.
  • Monitoring of your development from a technical, environmental & legislative standpoint.

Our regional agencies

Our fleet of vehicles

Malherbe has at your disposition more than 3 900 registration certificates, of which 1400 belong to its own fleet, including various types of trailers, such as Taut liners, refrigerated trailers, flat beds (with or without fixed crane), grain dumpers, public works dumpers & sliding-floor dumpers, as well as food transport tankers, gas tankers, chassis, etc.

More than 3 900 registration certificates,
of which 1 400 belong to its own fleet.

Always open to new technologies and technical innovations, all of the group’s vehicles have been equipped with the latest high performance systems in order to be able to monitor, in real time, each vehicle’s fuel consumption, the drivers’ behaviour, the delivery of the goods, the itineraries, etc. More specifically, Malherbe has become the European leader in live distance tracking of temperature control, particularly where it concerns the transport of temperature-controlled goods.

  • Taut liner trailers
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Refrigerated trucks, vans
  • Crane carriers
  • Van trailers
  • Flat-bed trailers
  • Flat-bed trailers with coverable fixed cranes
  • Grain dumpers
  • Public works dumpers
  • Sliding-floor dumpers
  • Hook loader tankers
  • Food transport tankers
  • Gas tanker trailers
  • Forklift carrying trailers
  • Chassis for carrying containers
  • Chassis for carrying vehicle box bodies

Our Premium Contracts network

Our internal fleet is complemented by a managed network of external sub-contractors, bond by our Premium Contract, assuring you of the continued respect of both Malherbe’s quality service and values and also meeting your own quality standards. This also guarantees regular capacity requirements and our reactivity in the management of your flows and the global management of your transportation operations.


European environmental regulations

Amongst our fleet of articulated vehicles, over 90% of our motors meet the European environmental standards Euro 6, presently the three strictest European regulations governing pollution and emissions applying to new vehicles. The Malherbe group is also planning to integrate gas-powered “green” vehicles into its fleet.

By regularly maintaining its fleet of vehicles, the Malherbe Group confirms, a little more each year, its commitment to sustainable development, and particularly where it concerns the environment.