Mécanicien camion

Mechanic M/F

A mechanic is responsible for carrying out various maintenance tasks on road transport vehicles, according to instructions given to him/her by his/her superior(s).

Responsibilities of a mechanic

  • Regular preventative and spontaneous maintenance, to be specified by his/her manager.
  • Preparation of vehicles for government inspections.
  • Preparation of new vehicles for first road usage.
  • Preparation of used vehicles for resale.
  • Repair of vehicles when new problems are discovered during routine maintenance.
  • Respect of all workshop safety regulations.
  • Commitment to be present, even when required out of hours.

Required knowledge & skills

  • Knowledge of Heavy Goods Vehicle mechanics.
  • Flexible availability (sometimes out of hours).
  • Experience preferred.
  • A hard-working attitude and the desire to work as part of a team.