Agent d'exploitation transport et logistique

Operations/Shipping agent M/F

The Operations/Shipping agent is responsible for putting into effect the transport orders that their clients have requested by using the means at their disposal.

Responsibilities of the Operations/Shipping agent

  • Client management.
  • Receiving transport orders.
  • Analysing transport orders and confirming their feasibility.
  • Organising the transport according to the locations and the availability of each team’s vehicles. Transmission of the results to the chartering department if not feasible using Malherbe’s own fleet.
  • Monitoring of the successful execution of the transport services.
  • Management of the technical and human resources used for the provision of the transport services.
  • Confirmation of the correlation between accepted orders and the resources employed in their delivery.
  • Transmission of instructions to the drivers.
  • Monitoring of the correct implementation of legislation governing driving times and capacity.
  • Establishing the best itinerary according to the client’s imperatives: delivery time or cost.
  • Monitoring packaging (recovery).
  • Filing/distribution of paperwork “Shipping consignment notes” to a group of people or to a driver according to the order or planning.
  • Finding suitable freight services for returned goods.
  • Management of product turnover margins.
  • Management of the information required for the identification and resolution of problems that could affect the quality of Malherbe’s customer service.

Required knowledge and skills

  • Have highly developed communication skills.
  • Be organised and have a methodological approach.
  • Have knowledge of legislation governing international transport.
  • Be motivated.